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School of Theology Gifts


Why give to the School of Theology Annual Fund?

Tuition, fees, and endowment income don't cover the total cost of running the seminary. Your gift ensures that the School of Theology will:

  • continue its commitment to need-based financial aid. (85% of seminarians’ demonstrated financial need, including living expenses, was met by scholarships in 2009-2010.)
  • maintain and update the divinity section of the Jessie Ball duPont Library.
  • purchase needed materials and technologies for seminary faculty and students.
  • maintain classrooms in Hamilton Hall and worship space in the Chapel of the Apostles.
  • maintain and upkeep the Fowler Center.
  • afford adequate salaries for its dedicated faculty and staff.

When should I make my gift?

As in most academic institutions, Sewanee’s fiscal year starts July 1 and end June 30, and is not based on the tax or calendar year. Once you make an annual fund gift within the fiscal year period, we will not continue to call, write, or email you to request another annual fund gift until after July of the next fiscal year. You may also set up a sustaining pledge, and we will only send you reminders each year until you tell us otherwise.

Can I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone?

Yes! You can make an annual fund gift in honor or in memory of anyone you like. The person or family of the person honored/memorialized will receive notification that your gift (excluding the amount) was made. In the annual donor recognition report, your kind gesture will also be listed.

I can't afford to make what I think is a meaningful gift this year. My small gift would be a drop in the bucket. How can it make a difference?

Every gift, large or small, has an impact. Every dollar contributed to the annual fund helps the seminary meet its daily needs. Some foundations and other grant-making organizations look at giving percentages rather than total amounts when determining grant requests. Your gift, viewed as a vote of confidence, could help Sewanee secure thousands of dollars in funding.

What is our goal for Fiscal Year 2011?

The School of Theology Annual Fund goal is to raise $500,000 by June 30, 2011 and to achieve 36% alumni participation.