Broeksmit-Bollendorf Family Supports Sewanee-at-Yale Interns

August 21, 2018

Maryland Couple in the Chevy Chase home

When Susan Bollendorf, P’20, and Robert Broeksmit, P’20, parents of Henry Broeksmit, read about the Sewanee-at-Yale Program in the pages of Impact last fall, they were inspired to make a contribution to the program. Robert is a graduate of Yale, and members of his family have been Yalies for four generations. So the idea of helping Sewanee make a connection to his alma mater was intriguing.

“Sewanee is a great place for Henry,” says Broeksmit. “He loves the outdoors and outdoor activities, and the Carey Business Fellowship gives him wonderful opportunities. Because he received a merit scholarship, we enjoyed a nice tuition discount, and we were able to write a little bit smaller check to Sewanee for tuition. That enabled us to also make a gift, and connecting our gift to the Yale partnership really made sense for us. “

This summer, two students enjoyed an internship at the Yale Child Study Center thanks to Cornerstone Internships the family provided: Susan Oliver, C’19, and Madelyne Williams, C’19. Oliver, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, says, “I absolutely love this internship and everything it has taught me so far. I am working at the APT foundation, which is an addiction clinic in New Haven. Currently I am developing an exploratory study that will investigate the potential connection between a family history of chronic pain and opioid use disorders. So far I have learned so much about the complexity of addiction and the many factors that contribute to it and hope to bring this knowledge back to Tennessee. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and explore.”

Students participating in the 

Sewanee-at-Yale Program gain experience in research and, if they so desire, clinical work. The program is run by Linda Mayes, C’71, who advocates for Sewanee students with her colleagues. This year, with the Broeksmit-Bollendorf gift and contributions from the vice-chancellor, Sewanee was able to fund four students. Dr. Mayes covered the cost of three and the balance came from Yale researchers. 

Building a permanent source of funding for the Sewanee-at-Yale Program—either through assured annual gifts such as the Cornerstone Scholarships or through new endowment—is a priority of the campaign. 


For information on how to support the 

Sewanee-at-Yale Program, contact Tom Sanders (; 931.598.1821) in the Advancement Office or